Upland, Ca

We couldn't imagine a better way to go about this wedding than making it personal for these two with a surprise and an adventure in the mountains. It's moments like these that will impact our couples and their families forever, and we're so thankful to have that opportunity with an amazing couple.

San Bernardino, Ca

Manny and Krystal are probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet. When we first met them, our conversations were all laughs and smiles, and that's when I knew this was going to be a great wedding. For this film, we included moments from their engagement session to make the film more spacious, unique, and amazing! In addition, Manny and Krystal wanted to do a session at In N Out, so we said why not include it in the film! 

San Diego, Ca

Along the cliffs of the La Jolla beaches were two amazing people who said I do. The weather was perfect, beaches were calm with seagulls hovering over hoping we didn't get pooped on haha! Thankfully we didn't, and everything worked out perfectly. I thought about how to go about this film since it was very intimate, so I payed close attention to the vibe of the wedding. I felt that it was simple and calm, so I applied that to the film, and here's the result!

Orange County, Ca

Kristie and Paul got married at Rancho Las Lomas that had animals and beautiful scenery throughout the venue. As the day went by, I couldn't help but think about what an amazing family they have, so I focused on telling a story that would bring everything together while still focusing on Kristie and Paul. Personally, I almost cried when I watched it all the way through for the first time, ALMOST! haha!

Mount Baldy

Matthew and Elizabeth wanted to do an adventurous session in the forest, so we took them high into the mountains to take photos and make this engagement trailer. They asked us, if they could bring their dog that was an Alaskan Husky. Of course, that was a no brainer. 

West Hills, Ca

Okay, this was a fun one! Open fields, beautiful hills, and an amazing sunset is what any adventurous videographer and photographer could ask for. We took advantage of a wonderful day in West Hills to hike, explore, laugh, and of course make an engagement video that our couple will cherish forever!