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5 tips to help you find a wedding videographer and photographer!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

We don't believe it's right for couples to stress about finding vendors for their weddings. Now, we've never done flowers, cakes, or decorations before, but we are experts in the wedding film and photography business.

We'd like to share some helpful tips on how to make this process easier for you to book your wedding videographer and photographer!

All photos and videos on this blog post belongs to our company Silverpeak Films

1. Find a style that you like

One of the best ways to help you get inspired and find a style in photography is to go on Pinterest and create a board to keep track of all your interests. For videography, there are tons of wedding films on Vimeo and Youtube.

This is one of our short films that was shot near San Diego, Ca off the coast. We are previously known as "Cali Wedding Visuals", but changed our name to Silverpeak films in 2019.

For wedding videography, there are about 3 main styles of wedding films.

Cinematic Highlight Film - is one of the most popular for it's story-driven, cinematic, and emotional feel that covers the most important moments of your day. There is often music layered with the vows or speeches over the short film, if desired, to make the film more impactful, enjoyable, and meaningful. Many videographers would consider a highlight film with music only to be a music video style.

Cinematic Full Feature Film - is much like the cinematic highlight film, but includes more details of your wedding day. You could add more of the ceremony, speeches, dances, or any other special moment that matters most to you.

Documentary Film - is the most cost-efficient for wedding films covering the entire day, but with no creative editing. The documentary style shows almost the entire wedding making it the longest types of films edited in the order that your wedding day happens.

2. Come up with a budget

Before you come up with a budget, you want to determine how much you value capturing your wedding day. Now, the cost of a wedding videographer and photographer varies greatly based on the amount of work that needs to be done, experience, quality of work, and how valuable they are. You want to keep these things in mind, if you're looking to book a professional photographer and videographer with quality.

3. Try to find a videographer and photographer that know each other

We do film and photography, because there are plenty of benefits for the crew and the couple when you book a videographer and photographer together such as increasing your crew's performance in capturing your big day! When a videographer and photographer know each other, it is likely they will be more organized and have a system in place, so that each of them get the shots they need with ease. As a result, you get better photos and video, because they are more coordinated which is important.

4. Make a connection

You want to make sure that you and your videographer and photographer are going to get along well. Many couples including ours end up spending more time with their camera crew than they think. Sometimes, it's more than they do with their guests and family on their wedding day, so it's important you find somebody you will enjoy working with.

5. Understand what's included in their packages

Oftentimes, there are about 3-4 packages your provider will offer. Included in those packages varies greatly, so don't be afraid to ask questions about each feature specifically. Also, many videographers and photographers are open to customizing a package to fit your needs, and it is likely they will offer add-ons that you might be interested in. Here is an example of a package list.

Wedding Videography

- Type of film

- Second Shooter

- Amount of coverage

- Drone Footage

- 1080p or 4k

- Format (disc, usb, digital download)

Wedding Photography

- Amount of photos (or all suitable images)

- Amount of coverage

- Second Shooter

- Photo album

- Wedding gallery

- Format (digital download, usb)

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